The Ted Token

        "The TedToken will ultimately bind our Community together"

What the Ted Token is:

In the future, when interest grows in Ted's Community, we hope to be introducing a Community Crypto Token that will serve several purposes.It will either be ours, or another well established token, very well known in crypto circles today.

1) It will bond the Community together in building a common purpose> A holder of a Ted Token will be a special member of Ted's Community.

2) It will allow Neighborhoods and Community members to grow and flourish in Ted's Community. Tokens will be used for goods and services, and other purposes, contributing to the growth of the overall Community

3) And, most important, it will be a unique and powerful tool to make Ted's Community a better place to be, every single day.:it is the glue that binds us together and gives us the independence and community relationships that allow us to flourish. 

We will keep you posted on progress, and when we announce, you will all be part of the fun and excitement!


"The TedToken will change the way neighbors relate to each other"

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