The Arts

                       "Without the Arts, there is no Community"

As we mentioned before, Ted's Community's sole service is to create an environment whereby everyone in each neighborhood, and Ted's Community overall, becomes e a better neighbor, and better contributor to the community. Ted's Community is not for slackers, people who want to take rather than give. it is a place where neighbors create their own ideas and programs that will make their environment better. They will be rewarded every time that happens, and there will be friendly competitions to see who can make their neighborhood better, in so many distinct ways.

The Arts are a foundation and pillar that Ted's Community believes is necessary for a Community to be successful. It brings out Community creativity, and makes all of us better. Ted's Community will be promoting the artists within, and, in addition, will help those artists who show dedication and brilliance, by also supporting them with fund raising efforts. Being its own self-sustaining entity, Ted wants artists and creativity to thrive in the Community. Even more important, we want to educate all of our neighbors to the community benefits that a strong Arts presence brings.

We believe Ted's Community will provide the best virtual community platform ever for artists and the arts to flourish. Using Orlando as a physical model, it couldn't be a better place to take the immense talent Orlando is blessed with, and turn it into an open Arts Center for all.Ted's Community is here to stay, and our neighborhood and community, no matter where neighbors participate from, will be better for their membership in it.

Our favorite Arts Supporters/Participants (Coming Soon) 

         Dr Phillips Center

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