In December of 2019, Ted’s Community formed a Business Club relationship with Starter Studio, a local entrepreneurial incubator of high achievement. It called the Business Club, “Influence”. The name was meant to convey the fact that we were creating something that would generate power within the community. What we started in our out-of-the-box Business Club is exactly what we will now be doing in Ted’s Community.

This is what we learned in our Influence Business Club venture. First, the purpose of the Influence Club was to merge together successful business people with new and upcoming entrepreneurs. We thought that getting people to interact with each other would move the new entrepreneurs more quickly into a successful operating environment. Well, from December of 2019 to March, 2020, that test was successful, far beyond what we had anticipated. 4 new companies were formed, meetings were happening on a daily basis, and then Covid 19 hit. Since that time, many of the businesses we were working with, couldn’t make it, especially in the restaurant and tourist support industries.  But the idea of giving people who had little control over their futures, and bringing them into a completely different environment to give them power and influence in changing their futures, absolutely worked. This is a powerful way to create new entrepreneurs and give the new people confidence in the future.

So, the formula works. But, the overall mission for Ted’s Community, from the beginning, is to empower members of Ted’s Community, giving them power and influence they could not themselves, alone, wield.  So, with the knowledge we gained in our Influence Club and what we had as an original purpose for Ted’s Community, we are beginning our final steps into implementing our model.

So, What’s in it for me if I join Ted’s Community?

  • Our blog is our main vehicle for communicating across Ted’s Community. The blog will be used for highlighting individual and community issues. But, as opposed to neighborhood systems now in existence, Ted’’s Community is meant to unite its members into an active group that can influence the community in ways they could not do alone. It is meant to address things like what our schools are doing, what Government is doing during Covid and how it impacts us, things that can help the homeless, suggestions for improving the community, requests for help when needed, for any internal needs, etc. It also is an early warning system for things coming to the community, controversies and anything that Ted’s community members wish to share. Theoretically, the Ted’s Community blog should be on top of everything going on in the community of any importance and allows people to help influence activities they wish.    
  • In addition, Ted’s Community is still a haven for entrepreneurial activity. Within this community, as with any other entrepreneurial efforts such as the Influence Club we developed, there are opportunities for creating businesses, finding jobs and helping those who need help, maybe even investing in your friends in the Community. Over time, this portion of the community will grow its own following and should be one of the major reasons people join, just as they did with our original Influence Club. This is the section of Ted’s Community that can affect Community growth, and it will be well respected for what it is trying to accomplish.
  • Ted’s Community is about positive visons of the future. It’s about what can be done, and what is possible. Hatred, negativity don’t play. The Community will face off against negative situations, but its direction and cause is positive, positive, positive!
  • So, Ted’s Community encompasses everything a community needs. It has a path for local citizens and it has a place for business growth. It captures the spirit of what people want and even provides a working platform for new entrepreneurs to get started. To succeed, we don’t need Government as our primary caretaker, we need ourselves, to succeed.

Join Us and join the future of Orlando.



Join us and become an Influencer in your Orlando Community. 

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