Ted's Anniversary Videos

 "When you have friends and supporters like these, what more do you need?"

"Ted's Anniversary videos were made by friends and previous guests on the Ted Show. We had so many, we had to break up into three separate videos. There are no words to express my true feelings, other than just a simple and sincere, "Thank you to you all"."

Ted Bpgert


Anniversary Compilation 1

Hiram Camacho,    Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer,    Eileen M. Winfrey,    Jason L. Perez,  Andy Brown,    Pam Matera,    Ernie Plaza, Sr.    Tommy Bayshore,    Astryd Rosa,    David Fraser,    Jenny Wemert,    Cat Brower,    Manny Garcia,    Joe Lopez,    Climer School of Real Estate,    The Home Team of Freedom Mortgage

Anniversary Compilation 2 

Wendy Stewart,    DavidSwanson,    Cindy Alfonso DeCoster,    Carolann Flesch,    Jeff Mackey,    Victor M. Collazzo,    Justin Clark,    Ronny Eith,    Jon Houdyschell,    Rebecca Soto,    Josue Soto,    Madie Fisher Zilke,    Rachel Ruffing

Anniversary Compilation 3

Rose Kemp,    Veronica Figueroa,    David Pavlik,    Dana Halll-Bradley,    Rob Lebeau, Betsy Seraphine Lebeau,    Tyler Brassil,    Bobby Davidowitz,    Sandra Mantellini,    Alli MacCarroll,   Steve Bell,    Joe Thoma  


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