The Steve Minard Street "Tap 90" Program


An exclusive series answering questions of Ted's Community Resident members

Often when we start a relationship, business or a project we don't look for answers outside of our own experience or a small group of friends or sources.  These only give, at best, 10 percent of the possible solutions to build a strong foundation and grow personally, professionally or build a lasting enterprise.  My lifetime has been spent helping people tap the 90. The answers are often unexpected, and it is because we don't always know how to ask the right questions.

In this series, I will exclusively answer Ted's Community members real questions and address issues while protecting their identities.  I will be tapping my global network of experts in their respective fields to bring you the 90%.

Steve Minard, Steve Minard Street, Teds Community 


"Looking outside the box often gives us the best answer"

Steve Minard

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