"Our sole service is enabling a better community"

Many have asked what does Ted Community do, what makes it so different and so special?

Well, the reason is its sole service is to create a living and work environment whereby everyone in each neighborhood, and Ted's Community overall, becomes e a better neighbor, and better contributor to the community. Ted's Community is not for slackers, people who want to take rather than give. It is a place where neighbors create their own ideas and programs that will make their Community better. Residents and Business Owners will be rewarded every time that happens, and there will be friendly competitions to help build interest and revenues.

Financially, Ted's Community operates in the following way. There are:

  • Residence fees to move in. The only “free of charge” residents will be those who do a Ted Show interview, and those "grandfathered" in by Ted Show periciipants. The others will pay a fee to be part of the community.
  • Commercial rents for businesses. Non-Ted Show Businesses will rent space in downtown Ted’s Community.
  • Sales percentages for goods sold in the Community.
  • Contests of all types. Trivia contests, requiring research and expert knowledge with Ted Show videos, competitions with Ted Show videos, Resident designed contests, whereby residents share in the rewards of the contests. Contests represent an almost unlimited source of revenues for Ted’s Community, and the best revenue generators may come from Consensus or Resident participants.
  • Block parties, where neighborhoods get together, have events, contests and buy and sell things together.
  • Cultural/Social gatherings revenues. Events like scrapbooking clubs, across multiple residents who may live in many different countries, using video and chat capability to generate interest in each other’s areas, and bring the world together to understand various places much better.
  • Product Sales Groups, like Travel, for example, where travel groups come to promote their goods to Ted’s Community. They will pay for the event space and access to the neighborhoods. For example, in travel, free trips will be given away and companies will be promoted to the Community by vendors of all types. Any vendor can host an event at the Ted’s Community Events Center.
  • Concerts, The Arts, all types of events to be held at the Center. People will enter the Center and will be transported to the event via video, or some other means. The Events center will provide the framework for the event to be broadcast from. A virtual Movie theater, for example. We will stream live video through our theater, and the people will be sitting next to their neighbors watching the show.
  • Commercial Real Estate Sales. Some people may wish to buy a building in downtown Ted’s Community, and rent it out themselves. They will purchase the building from us, then rent out the offices on their own.   
  • Holiday promotions, gifts, Christmas gift sharing, people promoting, etc. All are revenue producers for Ted’s Communi\ty.
  • in Phase 2, Blockchain partnerships, implementation revenues. We have a team that can create smart contracts and blockchain creation. We believe we will be a funnel for entrepreneurs creating their own systems and businesses.
  • Create your own causes. You don’t need IRS approval. You can do your own within Ted’s Community.
  • Education – We are meeting with a major European University in June to discuss providing us local Orlando access to their Entrepreneurial program of six weeks. This and other education programs will pay appearance fees to Ted’s Community to create resident paid-for education programs.
  • Zoho Survey access, revenue splits. Surveys are a great tool for residents, businesses and community entities, alike.



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