Ted's Community truly believes it can make a difference. Reality vs. political correctness, respecting talent, giving people the chance to fail on the path to success, are powerful habits for a Community to adopt. Ted's Community believes it's time for the private sector to play a far more active role in bringing outside-the-box ideas, solutions and successful projects to every neighborhood. Here are just a few of the projects currently on the Ted's Community agenda:

1) Second Chance Town Halls - Ted's Community is one of the major sponsors of the Second Chance Town Halls which feature entrepreneurs who are succeeding, coming from distressed backgrounds. The first entrepreneur from that program, has just recovered from a homeless background, with public housing assistance, and just moved into his own home. The economic and social value to the Community is awesome. We will continue to sponsor these Town Halls through April of 2020. They are working!

2) Influence Entrepreneur's Club - In conjunction with StarterStudio, there is a new and active Business Club in Orlando. If you want to be part of a group of businessmen, idea people and active entrepreneurs, all in one happy place, join us. Active people only wanted. No major financial requirement. Just a positive  attitude and desire to succeed.


3) i4Door2Door Partnership - if you think door to door canvassers are out of style, a pain to deal with, and not what you look at as a dynamic future business, think again! The partnership with Ted's Community was formed in early October. We will have more then. but, we promise you. Door to Door can be a powerful and active Community Marketing technique, and our new approach can make a major difference to local businesses. More coming, with a Kissimmee.Pilot launch date of November 15th.  

4) Free Market Heroes - one of the participants in the Second Chance Town Halls is a 501c3 called, "A Hero For Kids". This non-profit has grown and become part of a major support system for the kids and students in our community. from backpacks and school supplies, they have figured out innovative ways to help, and become well respected members of the community.

One of the major issues we will be facing as a country over the next several years is the attack on our financial system, with many desirous of socialism vs. our modified capitalists system. Both A Hero For Kids and Ted's Community through its emphasis on local entrepreneurship, believe we have to unite and get the message to the student level that creating your own business, being responsible for everything you are doing and becoming independent of needing government resources, is by far the best way to enjoy a long and happy life. So, we started "Free Market Heroes". Don't be surprised if you hear something more about this at our next Town Hall at Waterford Lakes on October 2.  

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