On The Wings Of Angels Rescue 

On The Wings of Angels Rescue is a non-profit, no kill rescue. We rescue dogs that otherwise would have no chance. Providing the dogs the training, and sometimes medical attention they need, we rehabilitate them to be adopted. Our dogs are crate trained, potty trained, and taught basic obedience before being placed up for adoption.

Our Special Needs Dogs require varying degrees of special care. It can range from something as simple as just giving them daily medication, to dealing with a physical disability. All dogs have passed our training standards. 

For more information, our website is at www.owar.org. To contribute and become a resident of On The Wings of Angels Street on Teds Community, subscribe below 

From Teds Community:

"There is nothing like "On The Wings of Angels Rescue". It is a must visit, 1 hour, 45 minutes from Orlando. Their mission is truly an inspiration to all of us." 

Once you visit, you will say, "Rescue is the only way"



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