Ted Show Benefits


Ted Show Video Participants are the foundation of Ted’s Community. They will all be moved into Ted’s Community permanently and free of charge forever. In addition, anyone on Ted Show will have special privileges that others won’t have. So, being on the Ted Show is a HUGE benefit.

Some of the financial benefits of being a Resident of Ted's Community:

  • Depending on what type of position they were promoting, they will have the ability to bring on four “friends” to Ted’s Community. These friends will have the same benefits that Ted Show participants have.   
  • Ability to sell and rent TC Real Estate, splitting revenues 50/50.
  • Ability to create contests which will be revenue-shared 50/50
  • Ability to hold events, revenues shared 50/50
  • Ability to hold events and sell approved Ted’s Community assets, such as space, building capabilities, etc.
  • Ability to hold parties and use Ted’s Community facilities, free of charge.
  • Ted’s Community discounts in virtual or real goods and services. Every business on Ted’s Community has special deals for TC residents that are NOT available to others.

Ted's Community will change the way we look at and manage our cities!

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