BeCOME An "Influencer" Restaurant


  A "Community First” Entrepreneurs Club where Business Creation happens every day  


Influence is an Entrepreneurs' Club, founded by Ted's Community and StarterStudio, We have forged a relationship that merges experienced, successful business people with more newly-formed entrepreneurial businesses. Ideas, capital, experience and implementation all merge in one place, targeted at creating "Community First" businesses.  The combination of state-of-the-art meeting space, and priority relationships for members with a broad range of the best Business Meeting Restaurants in the downtown area and across Orlando, give Influence members ("Influencers") a leg up on establishing new businesses with the very best tools and relationships available. All Businesses, old, new or startups are welcome. The synergy of all is vital to success.   

Whether you're a business that needs downtown meeting space periodically, or if you are genuinely looking for partners to start a new business, Influence is a great club to join.

Want To Become an Influence Restaurant?

To become part of the Influence Restaurant Network, where our "Influencers" go for business meetings or just relax after a long day, participating Restaurants have to meet three criteria:

1) Influence is a huge supporter of "Buy Local", meaning anything you can get locally, we expect the Restaurant to use best efforts to do. So, we want Restaurants who buy from local suppliers.

2) When an "Influencer" announces himself/herself as a guest at the Restaurant, because he/she is likely having a meeting, the Restaurant will make best efforts to procure a table in as private an area as possible. Influence recognizes that this may not be possible many times throughout the day. but, when possible, we want the Restaurants to try to accommodate. 

3) We want the Restaurant to treat Influencers specially. Influencers have their choice of what Restaurants to visit. When they visit your Restaurant, they should be greeted as special people, to show them and their guests the value to the Community they bring. Influencers are creating business and opportunities for people in the community, and should be rewarded by special treatment when they choose your Restaurant. 

If you can satisfy these criteria and wish to become an Influencer Restaurant, just fill in our FORM, and we will respond to you promptly. And from the Founders of Influence at Ted's Community and StarterStudio, we welcome you aboard.   


     Become an "Influencer"  An Entrepreneurs Club that understands what it takes to start a successful business. Low cost, access to clients, access to technology, partners, relationships that help you grow.

    See a few of our Benefits, and Contact Us if you wish to join Orlando's newest and fastest growing center for true entrepreneurial success.

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