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Several months ago a very talented young man was introduced to Ted's Community by Real Second Chance ("RSC"), our favorite 501c3 non-profit that helps create entrepreneurs coming from distressed pasts and circumstances. Once RSC identifies and establishes an entrepreneur with a strong business concept, Ted's Community is one of the outlets that RSC uses to help, helping create the marketing  plans, helping promote the business and, giving the new entrepreneurial venture its best chance of success.

Simultaneously, as an ongoing and vital part of Ted's Community, we encourage entrepreneurial efforts of all types, and we especially encourage joint ventures and joint relationships in new companies that can benefit from the exposure and access to talent that a Community Portal such as Ted's Community provides.

That has turned into a group of professionals that now provide the best in social media expertise, in all media, at all expertise levels. We will be happy to help anyone interested in driving traffic to their businesses and making their online exposure so much greater.  See our basic package outline below. Other levels of service are available at separate pricing. 


From the Ted's Community experience, this is what we see a normal small business organization needs on a monthly basis. 

It needs, on average:

- 5 New Content Posts Per Week 

- 50 Invites to Like Business Page Per Week 

- Create responses/like all responses to Content Posts We Created 

(Available for Facebook and one additional platform: Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.).

                                   For this activity, HJ charges $250 per month.   

Other Products/Services

If you’re a larger company or need more support, special quotes and services can be provided. but, we feel this is what a small business needs on a monthly basis. And Ted's Community, through its Social Media subsidiary, is ready to provide these services to anyone in Orlando who needs it. And, of course, Ted's Community guarantees all work, so satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are overjoyed to watch our new clients develop and grow. To contact us with a new project or support, just fill in the comments form below.

Do not include peoples names, just ideas or deeds.


Orlando's Social Media choice. Best price, best service!

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