The ultimate goal of Ted’s Community is to build the world’s first self-sustaining Virtual City. There are 4 phases to Ted’s Community. We have completed Phase 1.

Phase 1 - The first phase was to establish the value of the Ted Show Video Video Archive, and seeing if there is interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Without these showing up as the basis and core of our future community, we would not have been able to proceed with Ted’s Community. With the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Seminar held in March at the Melrose Center, and the Ted Show March Madness Contest held in March and April, we have successfully completed Phase 1, with no reservations.  Both endeavors were highly successful and have led us to the conclusion that future phases will likely be successful.

Phase 1 officially ends on July 1, with any remaining scheduled Ted Shows to be completed in May and June. At that point on June 1, the Ted Show will take a new identity because whoever is a Ted Show participant receives valuable considerations from Ted’s Community, per our business plan. Most important, Ted Show Participants receive the reward of becoming a Ted’s Community Resident. That means they either have an office in the downtown office complex, a condo where they reside, or both. New Residents, from then on, will have to demonstrate their future contributions to Ted’s Community, unless Ted or Claude give them dispensation to appear on the show, because the Community will benefit from their appearance, or they contribute in the funding phase, as described below.

The subsequent phases ahead are:

Phase 2, Beginning in July - Build the Core of the community from within. That means, anyone who has successfully participated in an interview on the Ted Show, will be contacted to let them know they are Founding Members of Ted’s Community, and will have certain rights and opportunities, some of which are listed below. Thus, in this phase, the Community members will be the people responsible for helping create interest in Ted’s Community as they showed in the Ted Show March Madness Contest. The funding for Ted’s Community will be led by all Ted’s Community Residents that wish to participate, just as they did in the contest. These Residents will use a Crowdfunding model, created by Ted’s Community, to raise funds for Ted’s Community and themselves. The Ted’s Community Residents will not be responsible for donating monies, but those Ted Show Alumnae who choose to participate in the building process, will be responsible for marketing the Ted’s Community Crowdfunding program. In this regard, those creating any contacts who contribute to the building of Ted’s Community, will receive 50% of the funds raised. The Ted Show concept driving this relationship is this -  Every time a Resident benefits the Community, the Resident is rewarded. There are many more revenue opportunities listed in this document for Ted Show participants. The common thread to all of them is that every time a Resident helps the community, he/she helps his/her own personal life to improve in some aspect. Thus, the Community creates its own self-sustaining revenue streams that simultaneously grow the community and better the residents in it.

The end of Phase 2 will physically contain on the Ted’s Community website, multiple buildings representing the Ted’s Community Downtown Office Complex, a high-rise condominium and approximately 10 community buildings that all residents can share in. The Arts floor of the commercial building can be viewed here. The first floor tenants of our Condo high-rise is laid out here. At the end of this phase, we will have our communities residents and buildings situated, ready for a Phase 3 that creates a virtual interactive environment that will be very attractive for anyone, no matter who or where, to join Ted’s Community and be part of a global community that sustains itself without political or outside intervention. Ted’s Community will run itself independently.

Phase 3 – Depending on the results of Phase 2, Phase 3 can be small or large. If not enough capital is created during the crowdfunding phase, then Ted’s Community will apply for an SEC Reg CF exemption and raise an anticipated $800,000. People across a broad spectrum, will be able to buy stock.

If Phase 2 funds Ted’s Community and begins an ongoing venue for people within the community to become self-sufficient and begin earning their livelihoods from being part of Ted’s Community, Ted’s Community will just continue on growing it into a model that is ready for much broader acceptance worldwide.. Other Ted’s Community revenue streams will involve contests, contest creation, surveys, revenue sharing/retail, entrepreneurial support for own businesses, promotion of existing businesses, sale of Ted’s Community assets, either existing or created by residents – just to name a few. Those who create the most revenues will be rewarded by having a larger voice in their Ted’s Community interests, just as other residents who do impactful good deeds, will be.

Phase 4 – If and when Phase 4 happens, it is likely to be large. Phase 4 takes the entire Ted’s Community, and puts in a a blockchain, issuing either its own cryptocurrency or creating a partnership with another cryptocurrency provider, and using this currency to bring together all the residents of Ted’s Community. On the financial side, this phase could be as simple as funding key aspects of Ted’s Community that will make it more revenue positive for itself and its residents, to raising at least $20,000,000 in funds under a Reg A SEC Exemption. In the event any public offering occurs, 10% of the equity of Ted’s Community will be distributed on a points basis, to those residents who have helped build Ted’s Community to this point. In the event a Reg A is not used and a cryptocurrency is used to raise funds, 10% of the intial cryptocurrency offering, will be given to those, prorated on a points basis, valuing their contributions to building Ted’s Community.

Until we complete phase 3 of Ted’s Community, we will not know the ultimate disposition of anything in Phase 4. But along the way, those who contribute and help grow Ted’s Community, should be able to earn monies, or build relationships that better their lives for being a part of Ted’s Community.

Who Are The Ted’s Community Residents:

  • People from anywhere in the world, any language spoken.
  • People who contribute positively to the community.
  • People who do not degrade or criticize Community members.
  • People who can disagree on concepts, but bow to Community Consensus voting as the ultimate power, and move on.

Some Useful Information - Why might people want to help build Ted’s Community?

  • They will be joining a group of people who have been identified as positive contributor’s to their communities.
  • Events, like Block parties, event participation, social sharing, insiders groups sharing with one another, can share with the best of Orlando, and eventually around the world. On the social side, a step up from Facebook in terms of quality. On the business side, a much more active and responsive business club. In effect, a step up, from Clubs like the Citrus Club. A group of doers, movers and shakers, who are active in making the community better.
  • Ability to network with peers to grow businesses and help causes grow. Pushing from the inside. Proteges can be developed. People can push new and needed causes, with a receptive group who are pure in their intentions.
  • Ability to create revenue streams for themselves and their partners. Every dollar received by Ted’s Community, makes its Community’s residents better. Anytime funds are raised for Ted’s Community, either in fund raising or revenue creation, the person or persons responsible, will share in those revenues.
  • Ability to have fun with peers who have common goals to better the Community. Ability to interact with people around the world, with like desires. A major world sharing, that increases the value of each and every Ted’s Community resident.
  • Many other benefits that will evolve.

Why would people contribute to Ted’s Community?

For each crowdfunding contribution, ranging from $25 to $1,000, the Contributor giving will receive something. For example, the $25 contributor will have his/her name listed on the Ted’s Friends section of the Ted’s Community website. The $1,000 contributor will receive an office and a condo in Ted’s Community, and will have the same rights and opportunities that Ted Show participants have. In between these two extremes, there are many Crowdfunding Rewards things that could be attractive to anyone who contributes to Ted’s Community.



Being a good neighbor is the simplest thing in the world. Pride in yourself and your Community makes it all so easy!

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