EXPERIENCE Local - Kissimmee

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                         “Everything You Need is Here” 

Makinson Hardware - A local and national Treasure

Kissimmee Jewelers - If you want custom designs, this is the place for you.

Lanier Historic Downtown Marketplace - plan on spending an hour. Amazing selection, nothing like it anywhere!

The Italian Joint - A hidden gem. Unequivocally recommend! Great pizza!

Robert Anthony Florist - For special occasions, none better.

Matador - One of Kissimmee's newest and finest restaurants. Paella to die for!

Pan de Miel - The Bakery from Heaven. Incredible and unique selections.

Pakmail - If you need service, these owners know what "service" means.

Sittin Pretty - Dog Groomer excellence for over 19 years. Tons of community awards. 

                                            WHY BUY LOCAL?

Did you know? For every $100 spent with locally owned businesses, $45 returns to the Community. If you buy from large chains, only $14 is returned. If you buy online, only $1 is returned.  

With that extra money in Your Community, Jobs Are Created, the Local Economy Grows, Kids Have More Opportunities and maybe avoid CRIME.  

Connect with Your Community, receive first hand direct expertise, improve your economy and help your friends. Experience Local! 

BUT don't just buy local, "experience local". meet your downtown store owners. experience this great city we all love, and help it grow. the more they grow, the more jobs for our children, the better all of our lives. 

                                        EXPERIENCE LOCAL



       Jobs, Economy, Kids

    Kids need jobs in home areas. Buying local helps that happen. Working locally can help prevent juvenile crime. 

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