Teds Community - Our Streets

                           "Great Communities do things better, together"

Teds Community is divided up into Streets. Each Street represents a certain background and expertise for the person it is named after. The "Street Owner" manages the Street, communicates with its residents, posts at least one blog per month on "Teds Orlando" and helps street members work with other street members to further the goals of uniting the community in making Orlando a better place. Sub Groups can be formed, and major issues can be brought forward for Group backing and to influence.  Ted's Community as a Group can influence opinion in ways that one person alone can't do. We expect each street and streets working together to become a major force for good in Orlando.  

Joe Lopez Street - Safety and Security

Donna Smith Street - Health.

John Kalish Lane – Kids Programs

Parramore Avenue – Low Income Entrepreneurial Support

Chris Jackson Street - Sales

TBD – Hotel Products/Services

David Washington Avenue - Politics

On The Wings of Angels Street - Dog Rescue Mission

TBD - Autos/Cars

TBD - Travel

TBD - Religion

Khanani Avenue - Cryptocurrency

Steve Minard Street - Business Development

Dr. Gary Walby Street - Child/Family Issues

Other Groupings – To be Created and Determined


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