Charities We Support

'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'

Matthew 25:40 

Some of Ted's Community's primary residents are the Charities and groups like ours that fight for causes we all truly believe in. This page highlights active programs that deserve our attention and support.

The Charities and causes listed here, are vital to our Community's success. Please do whatever you can to support them.

Thanks, Ted

Real Second Chance

Real Second Chance ("RSC") and Ted's Community are in lock step believing the future is all about small businesses and entrepreneurs. Ted's Community is committed to helping those groups that help people who can't help themselves, and those charities that help build a better future Community. They help those who have been through especially difficult times, and now have decided to create their own businesses. Real Second Chance ("RSC") is the 501c3 that vets candidates, and decides whether or not the candidates have the skills and inner strength to complete the business creation side. Once RSC says, "Approved", Ted's Community gets involved and gives RSC candidates the exposure they need to help them succeed. Ted's Community has met with both Tracy and Lamonte, and has approved them for entry into our world. Both of us are lucky to have each other. And isn't that what good communities are all about?



I'm Donna Smith, President of Real Second Chance ("RSC"). Our first two candidates are Tracy Young and Lamonte Gwynn. They represent everything RSC strives to help succeed. They have the desire, talent, and resiliency needed, and we recommended them to Ted's Community for acceptance. The economic impact, in addition to what this means for Tracy, Lamonte, their families and friends,,is significant. We are proud they have made it through our process and thank Ted so much for putting them on the radar. Ted's Community acceptance means so much to these two deserving people.

And we are so grateful to a member of Ted's Community who will pay Uber charges to and from downtown Orlando to our new Entrepreneurs' shop. Ted's Community represents the very best of Orlando. 

Donna Smith, President, RSC  

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