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    Blog Topics 

    Food Food in most communities is no longer grown or raised locally and is commonly sprayed with poisons and raised with hormones. Home gardens, community gardens, and markets that offer locally produced foods are the solution. The larger the community is that supports or contributes to these solutions, the more effective and comprehensive they can be. Want to be sure what is in your food and where it is coming from? Be a part of the production process. teds community is open to many different discussions on this so-important topic.                                                                                                          

    Energy - Conserving energy and/or using energy from sources that aren’t contributing to any global climate crisis is a growing interest for many people and communities. On the individual level, installing a home solar system, adjusting your thermostat, taking shorter showers, switching to all LED lights, and turning off lights wherever not needed can make a huge difference in your power bill. Organized communities can go further by sharing energy-heavy resources like hot tubs and pools, lobbying lawmakers for infrastructure upgrades, or even implementing microgrids.                                                                                          

    Housing - The cost of home construction, toxins in most housing materials, and durability of homes in the face of more frequent natural disasters are areas of concern for many people. Today though, natural home building can address all these challenges and it’s becoming easier and more common. Free and/or open source plans using materials like straw bales, compressed earth block, earthbags, cob, shipping containers and other recycled materials are increasingly available. DIY tiny homes are another option.                                                                          

    Education - Education isn’t an area most people think of when they think about sustainability, but many communities are unhappy with the quality, available options, or educational approach of the educational sources available to them. For families and individuals, many free or low-cost online alternatives exist and are just a Google search away. For organized communities, there are opportunities to start community-based homeschooling or after-school programs, adult classes, reading groups, etc.                                                                                                   

    Social/Recreational - Recent studies have shown that loneliness and depression are on the rise, and both are worse in cities. These continuing to rise isn’t sustainable and communities offer the solution. Find or form a group of like-minded people. teds community helps in this process, forming a group from the community of people living closest to you with like interests.

    Economics - Almost everything listed above is a way to save money. Communities offer many more. Easy to implement ideas are shared ownership of things you seldom use and asking your community to borrow these things rather than buying. Shared housing or renting out that extra room can make an even bigger difference. For those willing to really embrace community, these ideas can be scaled up for even more savings. Develop community housing or start a community tool library or community maker-space.

    Stewardship - Stewardship is about taking care of each other, our local communities, and our planet. There are many community groups focused on these areas and getting involved in one you support is a great way to meet people who probably share your values. Pretty much any area you see as problematic has groups working to address and solve those challenges. Teds Community is the perfect place to share and grow.                            

    TransportationTransportation is another common community challenge. It includes cost of ownership and maintenance, parking and other space needs, and vehicle contributions to the climate concerns. Co-ownership, ride sharing, alternative transportation (bike, scooter, moped, etc.), and public transportation are all common solutions to this. The larger the community participating, the more effective and convenient these solutions all are.                                                       

    Values/Differences - Values differences are arguably the most destructive community challenge. Religion, politics, lifestyle preferences, dietary preferences, how to raise kids, pets, etc. can all be areas where people passionately differ in their opinions and perspectives. If unresolvable conflicts are arising, your values differences may not be sustainable. One way to address this is to choose to focus on the areas you agree, another is to be more transparent with your values and primarily build community with others who share them. Teds Community wants ot play a major role in helping this area become more cordial and responsible. 

    Entrepreneurial - Anything entrepreneurial is Teds Community's strength. A post in this area, at least initially, will receive widespread attention

    Other - Any Category that doesn't fit any of the above.


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