About Ted's Community

      "A COMMUNITY FIRST Company with a long term vision"

Hi, I'm Ted Bogert and welcome to Ted's Community!. Many of you know me through The Ted Show. Earlier in 2018, my good friend Claude Smith, who started a very successful charity called Real Second Chance, suggested we merge what we had learned from both experiences and form something that could have major impact on Orlando and other communities. Thus, Ted's Community was born. It is based on what we believe to be the way to better communities and neighborhoods, and our future time will be spent in promoting these beliefs. Its initial task is to market and promote the "Community First" concept, highlighting Ted Show Guests who are so important to the future of our great city. Here's what Ted's Community vision is all about, what an ideal Community would be, and some early programs we will be implementing:

  • Each Neighborhood in my community is a positive place. It becomes a place where you can escape the negative parts of day-to-day life and social media and just enjoy the experiences you have in Ted’s neighborhood. It is meant to show the best of the city it is in, with our starting City patterned after the neighborhoods of my home, Orlando. It recognizes that we are a divided society with too much hatred, too much hiding in one’s own beliefs. Ted’s Neighborhood welcomes all, as long as they work on making their neighborhood better. Only good things are reported in Ted’s neighborhood, no arguments, no disagreements, no bad-mouthing personal attacks. It is meant to enjoy the best of each other, each other’s contributions, and the best of the physical city where the neighborhood is located.
  • As opposed to other Neighborhood websites, we don’t wall off a neighborhood, and block outsiders. We want everyone who wants to join our neighborhood to be allowed to, and with a virtual neighborhood, that is possible. For example, even our job market is virtually open to everyone.
  • We will have special sections of the neighborhood that show the good our virtual community does. First responders will have their own area, and we will begin to understand what they do for us, in a positive, inclusive way to show how they take care of our virtual neighborhood. The Arts will have its own area. And many others. But our key section is our "Neighbors" section. They are the driving force that keeps the neighborhood vibrant and together. 
  • Suppliers and vendors who want to sell products and services to neighbors, will be able to conduct business in several different ways to do it.  If they wish to advertise on the show, 30-second and one-minute ads will be available. To be on the Show, for the entire 25 minutes and have an infomercial interview with Ted will be another option.  
  • Down the road, when SEC rules become more clear, Ted's Community may raise major funds through crypto tokens, which we will introduce, at some point. The tokens will have value since the discounts that our suppliers offer to token holders, will compensate token holders. This could be great fun and great value for token holders. Once we feel confident in a Discount Token and its value to the Community, we will move forward. We are ready, but this won't launch until we see firm position by our regulatory agencies.  
  • Our virtual community and neighborhoods are a positive showing of a physical city, and we create neighbors who want to join in our neighborhood, and make things better for them and all neighbors. Everyone helps each other, only good neighbors allowed, only positive things are promoted and enjoyed.
  • People can move from one neighborhood to another. The taxes (virtual) may be higher, but enjoy a different set of benefits. But, anyone can move anywhere as long as he/she has enough tokens, when we issue, to pay for the move. 
  • Each neighborhood will have its own city council and we will mirror voting that is going on in real neighborhoods. The Mayor and City Council rule, and those positions will not be elected positions but will be held by the highest good deed point holders in the neighborhood.
  • Awards will be given for best neighbor, weekly, monthly and annually. Rewarded by: if remote, trip to Orlando. If local, something decided on by members of the city.
  • Kids section and Pets section will provide awards for good things, especially good things accomplished by students. Only non-political achievements allowed. Pets will have a rescue center where animals can be found. Rescuers will be rewarded handsomely with award points.
  • Real Estate agents. We will have top agents in our area and use referrals for other areas. This real estate team will be bundled in with suppliers and contractors, so it will be a real estate superstore vs just an agent earning money.
  • There will be an arts section in each neighborhood, and we will have cross neighborhood competitions for prizes, with our arts commission being part of that. Our neighborhoods will begin to understand and appreciate the beauty and value of arts in their neighborhoods.  
  • We will be constantly creating competitions. Brains on some, physical accomplishments on others. Open to our imagination, but we will always try to have contests going, to create interest and excitement and ways for neighbors to break out and have some fun.
  • Much more to come.


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