In Ted's Community,  Dream, Contribute, Build, Succeed!

Community Comes First



    We are a "Community First" Company 

"Building better neighborhoods and better communities is a struggle but can be the best time of our lives. Strong neighborhoods are made by positive contributions of all. And that's what Ted's Community is built for. Ted's Community promotes Ted Show Guests who are trying to make Orlando a better place. In that promotion, our city sees the best of what Orlando has. 

Today, we believe there's too much negativity in our beautiful neighborhoods and communities. It's time to make ours and our neighbors' lives better. No compromise, we have too much to be thankful for to be anything but positive, and Ted Show Guests make that possible"  

Ted Bogert 

What's New?

********* - URGENT! Up to The Minute Info on CoronaVirus Worldwide

Ted Co-Chairs Harbor House Event. Making Things Happen!

First Kidpreneurs Conference at Influence

Ted's Anniversary Videos. Thanks so much to everyone! You're the best!

Social Media Help? New Entrepreneur Subsidiary

Want to be on the Ted Show? Request Here.


"The original promise of cryptocurrency will come true if we creatively merge technology with peoples' dreams" 

Claude Smith


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